"Sandlin's a find....I think he'll go far." -Larry McMurtry


"Tim Sandlin is...an incorrigibly bizarre and outrageous anarchist." -John Nichols


"He's the Lone Ranger in love, riding out the rough patches on a Thorazine habit." -People Magazine

Lydia Callahan and Oothoon Press are proud to announce that The Pyms: Unauthorized Tales of Jackson Hole by that renowned — no, infamous — typer Tim Sandlin is back in print. After, lo, these many years, you may now own the book that President Clinton once read in his bathroom.

    No Sandlin collection is complete without one. They make great Christmas presents because they are so easy to wrap. Each page is individually numbered. Join Peter and Delores Pym and their friends Heather Heidi and Clyde Walsowski-Smith, Roger Ramsey, and Maurey O’Hara as they live and love their way across the West.

    This collector’s item cannot be purchased through Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com. Oothoon does not stoop to ISBN numbers. It can only be purchased from the author’s garage.

    Here’s how to order your copy of The Pyms: Unauthorized Tales of Jackson Hole:

    Mail $10 (ten dollars) in check or money order — sorry, no credit cards accepted. We don’t have the machine to deal with them — per book plus $3 shipping and handling to Oothoon Press, Box 1974, Jackson WY 83001. S&H stays the same no matter how many books you order. Each copy will be hand-autographed by the author, but if you want your copy signed to that someone special, such as yourself, put in a note that says so. Write the check to Oothoon Press.

    That’s $10 X # of books + $3 for first class postage (none of that book rate cost-cutting for Oothoon.) Make sure your address is legible by the middle-aged.










"Mr. Sandlin brilliantly and knowingly captures the spirit of the Wyoming wilderness." -The New York Times Book Review


    "Thank you for the wonderful book. Hillary, Chelsea, and I thoroughly enjoyed our time in Wyoming, and your gift is a great reminder of our vacation." -Bill Clinton


    "One of these days you're going to get your pants sued off." -Liz "Mom" Sandlin