“Rowdy in Paris is a delight. If you read only one book this year about a sawed-off bull rider looking for a stolen buckle, love, dignity, and a decent cup of coffee in the City of Lights, make it this one.” – Sara


“Rowdy in Paris is tender-hearted and funny, full of self-evident truths, legitimate courtesans, and sexy philosophy students.  You can’t ask for more without seeming greedy.’’ - Bill Fitzhugh


“Rowdy in Paris offers everything a reader needs: intrigue, satire, wild sex, obsession, tame sex, haughty philosophers, misdirected foreigners, questionable expatriates, eco(nomic) terrorists, and cowboy boots on cobblestones.  Rowdy Talbot is a perfect anti-hero forever pulling off heroic acts.” -- George Singleton, author of Work Shirts for Madmen


“There is at least a laugh a page in Rowdy in Paris as Rowdy stumbles over every cultural stereotype an American could encounter in Paris. A great companion piece for those who loved Tim Sandlin's Western Swing and Sex and Sunsets.” —W. P. Kinsella


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Rowdy Selected as a January 2008 Pulpwood Queens Book Club Selection (the largest meet and greet book club in the world)

"Rowdy in Paris may not be the first existential cowboy novel, and it's probably not the last, but it's certainly the funniest -- and what with meaning being as slippery as a frog in forty-weight, we can sure as hell use the funny." —Christopher Moore, Author of Lamb and A Dirty Job














  “Funny yet poignant. Once again, Sandlin moved me while keeping me laughing like no other writer I know. I now want to have sex in the Paris catacombs as soon as possible.” -- Tiffanie DeBartolo


    “Strap up, tuck in, and tie off, ‘cause Tim Sandlin is taking you on a hilarious go-round in that hotbed of rodeo activity -- Paris…France. Not Texas…Really.” – Craig Johnson, author of Kindness Goes Unpunished


    “So, here’s what happens in Rowdy in Paris.  You read it as though your life depends upon it.  It’s that propulsive.  You laugh until your stomach aches.  It’s truly that funny.  And you check quite a lot to see who might witness your hilarity.  It’s that socially wicked.  It’s Sandlin at his best.”– Mark Spragg


 “The great Tim Sandlin is in full stride with Rowdy in Paris, a novel that’s funny, sharp, and endearing. Sandlin’s cockeyed humor and piquant prose deliver once more all the delights we’ve come to expect from him.” – Daniel Woodrell