"Compelling...Sandlin tells his story with a poker-player's shrewdness and a cattle-roper's dexterity, catching readers between their sympathy for Palamino and a suspicion that he is one cowboy who's definitely had a tad too much loco weed." -The Oregonian


"A potent cocktail mixture of Jack Kerouac, Tom Robbins and David Lynch topped off with a western twist." -The Denver Post


"Tim Sandlin's first novel is impressive...[He] may be compared to Tom Robbins...but Sandlin appears to be more subtle...a fun read." -The San Diego Union-Tribune



"Sandlin's a find. He's got his own somewhat wry voice, a good eye, and his prose has a freshness that I like." -Larry McMurtry

    "A Jolly Book" -Edward Abbey

    "I loved Kelly, someone who is obsessed with something and willing to go to any lengths to accomplish his goal." -William Kinsella

    "Kelly Palamino's engagingly idiosyncratic voice falls somewhere between On the Road and Bright Lights, Big City. He's the Lone Ranger in love...With the help of Sandlin, an ex-pizza maker and elk skinner, Kelly sails through." -People















"Sandlin is a powerful writer and Sex and Sunsets is a funny book." -Pittsburgh Press


    "An anarchic novel that is by turns wryly observant and outrageously slapstick...a novel that shows wit and strength and a sweet sensibility toward the loser in everyone." -Kansas City Star


    "Kelly is full-tilt Gonzo crazy. But crazy people can make good protagonists, particularly when they narrate in their own uniquely whacked-out voice." -Atlanta Journal Constitution