"Some writers make you laugh out loud. Tim Sandlin is one...remarkable, hilarious, and touching...a joyous affirmation of humanity." -Winston-Salem Journal


"Social Blunders finds the indefatigable Sam Callahan mourning the defection of his second wife, Wanda. In an attempt to shake off the doldrums, Sam embarks on a comic quest to find the father he never knew, but since he was conceived in a night of drunken debauchery, he comes up with a list of five possibe dads...Social Blunders is a weird, funny, raunchy novel that veers wildly from pathos to slapstick and back again, and it's surprisingly effective." -Booklist


"Sandlin is the only novelist I've read in the last two years whose prose forced me to laugh out loud." -The Bloomsbury Review




"A story of grand faux pas and dazzling dysfunction...a wildly satirical look at the absurdities of modern life." -New York Times Book Review

    "Downright superb...wickedly funny...richly rewarding." -Milwaukee Journal

   "Wild, wonderful, and wickedly funny...Highly recommended." -Library Journal



















 "An affecting book, now sprightly, now sad, as his characters experience the common upturnings and downturnings of life. It is fiction to be savoured." -Larry McMurtry


    "Ribald...comic and bawdy...oddly endearing...an effective blend of flippancy and compassion." -Publishers Weekly


    "A delicious, pothole-filled journey...a sad and savvy coming-of-good-sense novel." -Shelby Hearon


    "A kinder, gentler Tom Robbins and/or Kurt Vonnegut...funny...compelling, sad, a weird brand of black comedy, and important modern fiction." -Nashville Life