"Droll and high-spirited...Two vividly sympathetic characters whose adventures have something of the grit and pathos of a funky country-and-western ballad." -Publishers Weekly


"Ongoing life is what this book is all about...Sandlin's voice is a wry mix of cynicism and innocence. Add to that a well developed sense of the bizarre, and you have a book that's fun to read, brimming with high-spirited zaniness." -St. Louis Post-Dispatch



   "Mr. Sandlin brilliantly and knowingly captures the spirit of the Wyoming wilderness." -New York Times Book Review

    "A celebration of tenacious spirits...about running into the sun and keeping on, with humor, passion, and faith." -Los Angeles Times Book Review
















  "Tim Sandlin writes about crazy people. Not scary crazies, but the kind of interesting, funny eccentrics with whom the reader would like to spend an evening drinking beer...Western Swing is funny, wise and a bubbling joy to read." -Kansas City Star


    "Tim Sandlin never forgets that he is a storyteller, and an exceptionally entertaining one. He writes with humor, and a cheerful energy that keeps the narrative going at breakneck speed...Western Swing is a spirited novel of love and loss, and Loren and Lana Sue are genuine modern-day folk heroes." -The Toronto Globe & Mail